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Songwriter: Leebee

songwriter Leebee, Alea Tveit

Leebee draws on the mythology and folklore from her lineage – infusing soulful vocal styling from her decade of jazz training with traditional clawhammer banjo technique – to create a musical space for storytelling and modern interpretations of myth. Drawing sound inspiration anywhere from bird calls to 80s pop synthesizers, Leebee finds ways to explore and infuse interesting new flavors into her musical style to better illustrate and capture the emotional experience of the myths she interprets. No matter how far she ventures out in her sounds, she always makes sure to keep a thread in all her songs to her much loved jazz and TN folk musical foundations, whether that’s through scat or some good drop-thumb.

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Performing on 2/17

Songwriters Stage Lineup 1/20/23

Our Songwriters for Friday 1/20/23 are: Mr. Bownstone, Earl Brackin, Jennifer Daniels, Kaylee Ric, Kelsi Westfall, Teni Rane, and Weavo. View their profiles and preview their music on this page: ARTISTS

Judges are: Robin Baker of the Robin Baker Blues Band and host of Monday Night Blues Jam

Paul Jackson aka DJ PJ, radio host of The Local Focal on WUTC

Ida York, former finalist on Songwriters Stage and professional musician

Special guest MC Ariel Omarzu, former winner of Songwriters Stage and professional musician

Preview the judge’s on this page JUDGES

Thank you to our host Gate 11 Distillery and our sponsors, Mountain Music and Snap Dragon Hemp

Songwriter: Kaylee Rice

songwriter Kaylee Rice, songwriters stage

Kaylee Rice is an alternative pop artist, who is a recent Chattanooga transplant from Nashville. Influenced by Taylor Swift, Stevie Nicks, and Lana Del Rey, her raw and detailed lyrics capture the deepest emotions of the human experience. Kaylee writes for anyone who wasn’t believed, who’s haunted in the middle of night by guilt that’s not their own, and for anyone who has ever struggled with dark days of their own.

Website: Kalyee Rice Music

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Performs on 1/20

Songwriter: Weavo

songwriter tyler weaver, weavo


A new songwriter out of Chattanooga, TN described as a back porch, country, and folk style musician. Emphasizing a sense of raw and natural sound with a focus on acoustic guitar and lyrics. My growth in music has allowed me to connect with people by sharing stories and experiences through lyrics and song.

SoundCloud: Weavo

Sample song, Roadside Daisies

Sample song, Pencil Marks

Instagram: Weavo

Performs on 1/20/23

Songwriter: Mr. Brownstone

songwriter Mr. Brownstone aka Brownie Hamilton

My name is Brownie Lee Hamilton. I had a speech impediment when I was young. I stuttered and had a speech impediment and couldn’t roll or pronounce my R’s and bullied for it but with determination and persistence. Anything can happen if you believe and have faith! 

 I have a 6year old daughter named Anavay! We live in Chickamauga, Ga.…

At a young age of 10 music was a part of my heritage and everyday life, starting out learning guitar seriously at 16 when Grizzly Fowler gave me my first guitar. 

In addition to my years of onstage experience and behind-the-scenes, technical experience, and know how has lead me up to this point to produce and record my first album.

Facebook: Mr. Brownstone

Performs on 1/20

Songwriter: Jennifer Daniels

songwriter Jennifer Daniels, songwriters stage

Jennifer Daniels is a performing songwriter, author, and teaching artist out of Lookout Mountain, GA who loves to connect with other Creatives. Over a twenty-five-year career, she has released nine music albums, two novels, a picture book, and two human beings into the world. Find out more at

Jennifer on YouTube

Jennifer’s website

Performing on 1/20

Winners of 2023 round one are

We had a fantastic night at Gate 11 Distillery! After all eight songwriters performed two songs and we voted, these four returned to do one more: Jack Endelouz, Grizzly Fowler, Joylene, and Heidi Kalua. After the final round of voting the two that took home the prizes were: Heidi Kalua and Grizzly Fowler!