The creative spirit of Chattanooga flows through its poets. These events provide a space for the poets, the artists, the music, the people

Open Mic + featured poet: Poetess Phenominal C

Wednesday February 1 @ Gate 11 Distillery, sign up 7:30, words flow at 8. Free

Open Mic theme is, Love. Prizes for audience choice bests of night.

Facebook event: HERE

Poetess Phenominal C:

Carla P. Elliott is a passionate performing poetess, orator, and disability awareness advocate who writes expression from passion, belief, and custom to fit the occasion. Her poetic name is Poetess PhenomInal C. “I am her and she is me.”

Her writings can be found in the 2022 RNC Anthology titled “Reboot,” and readings are shared throughout the Southeastern Region, Internet Radio, during RNC events and for private affairs where a piece has been commissioned. 

She has been a proud Rhyme N Chatt member since February 2009. She received the 2019 Walt Barger Award of Excellence Lifetime Achievement Award and was nominated by Black Excellence Chattanooga (BEC) in the 2022 Best Literary Arts Category.

December 28 Open Mic: Featured writer is Kate Landers, President of the Chattanooga Writers’ Guild.

Open mic theme: the cold winter is passing and new life coming. Prizes by audience vote.

Kate Landers mainly writes short stories and children’s literature, but every year around the holidays she feels compelled to pen a few poems “celebrating” the season. She’s been published here and there, but it ain’t about the fame or money. When she’s not writing, she volunteers her time with a couple of local non-profits and helps run Vulgar Scullery Maid Publishing, LLC with her husband. You can find some of her writings at

Theme for the night is Dear America. Looking for words on social issues. 1st and 2nd place by audience votes get copies of the 2021 Rhyme N Chatt anthology, Beyond the Mask

Open mic sign up at 7:30, words flow at 8, featured artists at 9:15 to 10

Main X 24 is a 24 hour party on Chattanooga’s Southside centered around Main Street, held on the 1st Saturday of December.

The parade is classic small town fun, with the classic Howard School marching band that is fantastic!

There will be several poetry events starting with this one with open mics from 1 to 4.

Poetry at Wanderlinger Brewery; 6 to 8

Poetry at the Hart Gallery; 8 to 10

Theme for the night and prizes for the creepiest, can’t sleep tonight – poems