Open Mic + The River City Street Poet

Join this community of writers for an open mic at 7PM followed by our featured poet, The River City Street Poet

$5- cover, all ages welcome. Gate 11 Distillery is inside the Chattanooga Choo Choo, 1400 Market Street.

River City Street Poet is a queer artist living in Tennessee. Thousands of poems later, River City Street Poet has curated stories that attest to the beauty and pain of the human condition—proving that, as humans, we can find similarities in our tenderness. Attuned to the heart of strangers, River City Street Poet seeks to make poetry accessible to everyone.

Website: River City Street Poet

Chattown Poets April Poets in the Round

poets in the round,

Chattown Poets Open Mic + Poets in the Round

Featuring: Talor Iman, Strawberry and Jamnjaq; all members of Rhyme N Chatt Interactive Poetry Website

Thursday April 13th, 7PM Free,

@ Gate 11 Distillery (inside the Chattanooga Choo Choo)

Join us for an open mic followed by Poets in the Round, featuring: Talor Iman, Strawberry, and Jamnjaq! These poets will inspire, confound, challenge and razzle dazzle with words flowing from the heart. All ages welcome. Poetry restricted to PG

Poets n Pickers – LAUNCH

poets n pickers open mic event

Join us for poetry, stories, music, and more in a friendly space!

Gate 11 Distillery, located inside the Chattanooga Choo Choo, serves spirits made on site and non-alcohol beverages for customers of any age – need not be 21 to participate.

Enjoy featured performers after the open mic selected from the Songwriters Stage competition.


Chattown Poets – December 2022

Chattown Poets Open Mic plus featured writer Kate Landers; President of the Chattanooga Writers’ Guild. 7:30 open mic sign up with words flowing at 8. Theme: This cold winter will pass and new life will come. Prizes (copies of the 2020 CWG Anthology) for best in theme, by audience vote.

Kate Landers mainly writes short stories and children’s literature, but every year around the holidays she feels compelled to pen a few poems “celebrating” the season. She’s been published here and there, but it ain’t about the fame or money. When she’s not writing, she volunteers her time with a couple of local non-profits and helps run Vulgar Scullery Maid Publishing, LLC with her husband. You can find some of her writings at

Gate 11 Distillery is inside the Chattanooga Choo Choo at 1400 Market Street