Songwriters Stage winners perform

Songwriters Stage 2023 winner Weavo, with finalist Heidi Kalua will perform at Gate 11 Distillery, Friday May 12

Songwriters Stage has apparently been a great instrument of bringing people together. Come see what this new alliance has been producing.

This performance is part of the prize package for the 2023 Songwriters Stage contest; thanks to Gate 11 Distillery

Songwriters Stage 2023 Finale’ Photos – Winners

Songwriters Stage 2023; Where Chattanooga’s finest singer songwriters meet on one stage

has concluded with winners Weavo aka Tyler Weaver and Jennifer Daniels!

songwriters stage winners Weavo, Jennifer Daniels with host Mark Anderson

In this finale’, held at The Camp House, each contestant had already won a preliminary round so we had a full night of excellence. Lineup included: Ahead No Heart, Chad Yates, Grizzly Fowler, Heidi Kalua, LeeBee, Jennifer Daniels, Rodney Stroup, and Weavo, with judges: Katrina Barclay, Robert Lovett, and Paul Jackson. Host was the director of Songwriters Stage, Mark Anderson. Sound tech Ethen Martin of Arch Audio Recording Studio.

Thank you to our sponsors: Gate 11 Distillery, the Camp House, Mountain Music, and Snap Dragon Hemp

Round 4 Winners

Round 4 winners are: Ahead No Heart aka Walter Douglas and LeeBee aka Alea Tveit!

Congratulations, both are invited to the finale at The Camp House, March 3rd

Photos: MC Joylene with winners, Ahead No Heart aka Walter Douglas, and LeeBee aka Alea Tveit

songwriters stage judges

Big thanks to our judges: Jimmy DiLorenzo, Katrina Barclay, and Billy Anne Crews

Songwriters Stage Highlights 2/3/2023

Highlights from the 3rd round preliminary held at Gate 11 Distillery. The night lived up to our motto; Chattanooga’s finest singer songwriters meet on one stage! Winners Chad Yates and Rodney Stroup proceed to the finals March 3 at the Camp House. Artist pictured: the Chattanooga Bastard, Squeaky Bones, Chad Yates, Jessie Knowles, Chatty McDaniels, and judges Divine Adeniyi, Paul Jackson, Michael McDade. Hure thanks to our sponsors; Mountain Music, Snap Dragon Hemp, and our host Gate 11 Distillery. Next round will be Feb 17.